About me

Emprendo con mentor hero

My name is Maria Jesús González, although people know me by my nickname: “Chus”
I have been passionate about entrepreneurship… since I can remember and before I knew its meaning.

I was born and raised in a family of self-employed people and I always experienced from my childhood all the problems of small business owners: Treasury, Suppliers, Banks, Clients… that is, hours and hours of effort and work of my parents trying to exercise: accountants, salespeople, advisors… and, it always caught my attention how by working so many hours a day you could have the strength to feel so much passion for your “SMALL PROJECT”.

Perhaps these experiences led me to study Economics and later, destiny led me to work in the financial sector.

The Bachelor’s degree in Economics and work experience in banking have given me a lot of knowledge, but “the true wisdom of business” is found at street level, living side by side on a day-to-day basis with small business owners who fight with all their might. to move their companies forward.

Today, through my company’s mentoring service, Project Kapital, I help entrepreneurs set the roadmap for their business, define their strategies, mark their action plan…because the rhythm of the day Every day, many times, it prevents us from carrying out the main task of an entrepreneur: “putting on the businessman’s hat.”

In short, my business project is my particular fight so that small companies can have resources that have until now been exclusive to larger companies.